North York Chiropractic Treatment

At Bayview Village Physiotherapy clinic, our main priority is to provide hands-on, caring, one-on-one therapy to everyone suffering from musculoskeletal pains. Our chiropractic services are custom designed based on the complaints and physical assessment of each of our clients. The detailed assessment will determine your condition and the way you feel and move. Accordingly, a chiropractic treatment plan will be discussed and agreed upon with you, which will probably include manual therapy, involving the manipulation of the spine, joints and soft tissue. It may also include a combination of other therapeutic services, depending on your case, like acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise and much more. Through a long detailed discussion with our chiropractor, you will be informed with the findings of your assessment and the suggested treatment techniques and you’ll learn more about your condition, so that you feel safe and comfortable in our clinic.

Our chiropractic care is recommended for the following conditions:

Neck & Back Pain | Peripheral Nerve Entrapment | Hip Pain | Osteoarthritis | Sprains & Strains | Sport Injuries | Muscle Imbalances | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Chronic Headaches | Chronic Pain | Herniated Discs | Pinched Nerves | Shoulder Pain | Tennis Elbow | and much more..

We’ll be happy to take care of your chiropractic needs, alleviate your pains and make you feel and move more comfortably.

For inquiries call us at 647-347-8596, or click here to book an appointment