North York Homecare Therapy

Homecare TherapyAt Bayview Village Physiotherapy we believe that physiotherapy is integral to the healing of almost all musculoskeletal conditions and we take the extra mile to provide our patients with the best physical treatment, no matter their location, or their condition. Our Homecare Therapy means that we will come to you.

Our homecare therapy is provided by a highly trained and expert physiotherapist, whose aim is to reach with you the best treatment results in the comfort of your own home. We’re always understanding of the different severities of different cases and work with each case accordingly. Our therapists come prepared for all treatments and they also work closely with the patients by utilizing things from their own home environment, so that they can repeat the necessary parts of therapy later on by themselves. We’ve come to offer the same exceptional physical care we’re known for, but in a more convenient and cost-effective environment for you.

We’re proud to be servicing Toronto, North York and Scarborough areas.

If you’re in need of extensive physiotherapy, but find it hard to leave the comfort of your own house for any reason, give us a call at 647-347-8596. We’ll be happy to help you and look after your physiotherapy needs.

For inquiries call us at 647-347-8596, or click here to book an appointment