North York Orthotics


Foot pain can be the result of different movement, alignment, or flexibility problems in your limbs. It may be also linked to pain in other body parts, like ankles, knees, hips and even back. At Bayview Village Physiotherapy we’ll perform an extensive assessment to determine the source of your foot pains and develop a perfectly fitted orthotic that will decrease your pain, increase your stability and improve your overall quality of life. If necessary we’ll suggest prescription orthotics.

Prescription orthotics are like shoe insoles, but with the medical purpose of correcting your specific foot imbalance. Based on our mechanical evaluation, your orthotics are molded according to a precise imprint of your foot, with a slight change that is responsible for fixing the position, or alignment of your foot/bones. Custom orthotics can be placed in all shoe types; they are comfortable and, just like shoe insoles, can go unnoticed.

Our Physiotherapist is highly experienced in biomechanical abnormalities of the foot and is hence offering a full service facility for assessing and fitting custom foot orthotics. After discussing your medical history and hearing your complaints, she will carefully observe your foot position and movement in both, walking and standing modes. Looking for any abnormalities or asymmetries in your feet, all discoveries will be noted and added to the precise imprint of your foot. In one to two weeks your custom-fitted orthotic will be ready for pick up. You will notice a dramatic decrease in pain and discomfort and overall improved balance and enhanced body movement.

Based on our mechanical evaluation and GaitScan™ Analysis, our custom orthotic services may decrease/eliminate pains related to the following conditions:

Foot Pain | Flat feet | High Arches | Knee Pain | Hip Pain | Low Back Pain | Scoliosis | Chronic Ankle Sprains | Degenerative Disc Disease | Snapping Psoas | Hamstring Tendonopathy | Calf Strains | Bursitis (ankle, knee or hip) | Osteoarthritis (knee, hip, pelvis or lower back) | Piriformis Syndrome | Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction | and much more..

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