North York Physiotherapy

PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapists are university trained healthcare professionals who have extensive understanding and knowledge of human movement and injury pathology. They use their in-depth knowledge to go through a process of assessing, diagnosing and treating your musculoskeletal complaints. Our physiotherapist promotes a comfortable environment for your safe and fast healing process. Physiotherapy will help bring you back to your pre-injury status and provide you with information and tools to help prevent future injuries.

At Bayview Village Physiotherapy, we understand that the key behind the success of Physiotherapy is finding the root cause of your symptoms. Treating the symptoms alone may relieve your pain temporarily, but it will not fix your problem and it may result in the recurrence of future pain. Our complex bodies can be tricky sometimes in that frequent headaches may be a result of a neck condition and your leg pain may actually be caused by a back problem, but rest assured that our Physiotherapist’s treatment plan will be decided upon the actual root cause of your musculoskeletal pains. We’ll help you with the right treatment for the long-term effect.

Our extensive and caring approach to physiotherapy is based on 5 equally important steps to your treatment process.

  1. Case Assessment. Our Physiotherapist will run a thorough assessment of your condition, including your history, injury/illness and your overall physical state.
  2. Based on your evaluation, a diagnosis has to be made so we can proceed with a suitable treatment plan.
  3. Treatment Plan. An effective treatment plan is designed to get rid of your symptoms as quickly as possible, as well as target the main cause for your symptoms and treat it for long term results.
  4. Treatment Plan Modification. IF NEEDED, your condition might be re-assessed and your treatment plan might be modified according to your progress for more effective and more successful results.
  5. During your treatment, but more so after your treatment, we’ll provide you with all necessary information and instructions about how to maintain your physical condition in best state and avoid any future injuries.

At our Bayview Village Physiotherapy clinic, we provide quality and personal physiotherapy to a wide range of people, including professional and recreational athletes, pre- and post-surgical patients, as well as anyone with any general pains. Our experienced physiotherapist has extensive training in treating the following musculoskeletal conditions:

Back Pain | Neck Pain | Knee Injuries | Sports Injuries | Degenerative Disc Disease | Herniated Discs | Osteoarthritis | Muscle Strains | Sprains | Headaches | Tennis Elbow | Frozen Shoulder | Chronic Pains | Total Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacements | Shoulder Pain | Golfers Elbow | Fractures | Whiplash | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Labral Tears | and much more..

Our one-on-one physical therapy and rehabilitation services will leave you feeling pain-free and as young and active as ever.

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